Lease agreement

This "Vehicle Lease Agreement" ("Agreement" for short) is an annex and an integral part of the VEHICLE DELIVERY FORM ("Form" for short) signed between the parties. With this agreement, Pro Rent Bodrum ("Lessor" for short) has rented the vehicle specified in the Form, which it owns or operates, to the Lessee, whose name and address are on the Form, on the specified dates. The Lessee hereby declares and undertakes to use the vehicle subject to this contract in accordance with the conditions (rental period, return time, return station, etc.) and to pay the rental fee in full and on time. By signing this contract, the Lessee assumes all obligations related to the rented vehicle. The Lessee agrees, declares and undertakes in advance that he/she will not refrain from signing the Vehicle Delivery Forms to be issued both during the delivery and return of the vehicle, that if he/she does not sign the Forms, he/she will be deemed to have unconditionally accepted what is written in the form, and that if he/she has any objection to the content of the form, he/she may assert his/her objections and claims not by refraining from signing, but only at his/her own expense, through an expert appraisal.
    The address declared by the Lessee in the contract and its annexes is the legal notification address, and unless the Lessor is notified in writing of the change of address, all notifications to this address will be deemed to be notified and valid according to the provisions of the Notification Law.
    With the signing of this contract by the lessee, the vehicle in question shall be delivered in good condition and in good condition both mechanically and in terms of bodywork.