Frequently Asked Questions

All car rentals are made in the form of an equivalent vehicle from the same segment with the presentation of an example vehicle from the segment. For example, Megane/Corolla/Octavia can also be delivered for the vehicle we will see as "Focus" when we look at the available vehicles again. This is why the phrase "or similar" is included on our website and on the websites of all other rental companies.

All vehicles are covered by Rent a car insurance. In case of a two-sided accident, the insurance assurance is processed on the basis of a police or gendarmerie report or an accident report to be filled in completely with the other party and accident photos. We kindly ask you to get detailed information about additional assurances and full coverage assurances in the contract you will sign with the company during vehicle delivery. For unilateral damages, you should purchase additional assurance to provide protection without a police report, we kindly ask you to get detailed information at the company office. Casco and insurances will be deactivated in cases that are considered as primary defects in accordance with the traffic law, such as driving under the influence of alcohol. Rent A Car Insurance varies according to the company with and without exemption.

For our guests coming from abroad and making reservations with their passport number, it is mandatory to have an entry stamp within the last 6 months. Our guests who use a foreign driver's license must have an international driver's license.

Drop off fee is the fee charged when you want to drop off your vehicle at an office outside the City or District where you picked up your vehicle.

Other passengers defined as additional drivers in the car rental contract can also use the car for a certain fee thanks to the additional driver feature.